St. Patrick’s Day Limericks

We lowered our heads in shame,
Realizing it’s not just a game,
Playing keep away with a green hat,
While the owner’s getting a tat,
Is adding gas to a flame.


Waking up with a person unknown,
Quick! Please grab your phone,
Now before you flee,
Take a photo for me,
As I’ve been quite sad and alone.


What does St Paddy’s even mean?
Beside vomiting gallons of green?
Just a quick thought,
But soon I’ve forgot,
Hey, is that Charlie Sheen?


Everyone screamed out “Shots!”,
When I was already seeing spots,
I went ahead and guzzled,
And then later was puzzled,
Why suddenly, I had the trots.


A Leprechaun, I was soon told,
A wee bastard, with lots of gold,
I searched high and low,
And now want to know,
What was in that joint that you rolled?


During the St. Paddy’s parade,
Through vomit, I had to wade,
Smells like garbage and piss,
Why do people like this?
Oh yeah, a chance to get laid.