Flyneken, Stella Artwasp, Caterpilsner, and more #BugABeer on this week's trending joke game!

CARTOON: Brain Drain

Morning meeting. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.


Howling Happy Hour. Today's cartoon by Mat Barton & Adam Cooper.


Deep Beer. Today's cartoon by Jeffrey Curnow.

Pitching Presidential Pardons to the Constitutional Convention 

I know this whole time we’ve been pushing “checks and balances,” but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there shouldn’t be any checks on this presidential power. It’s definitely risky, don’t get me wrong. Just don’t ever, ever elect someone who you think might be tempted to abuse the unlimited power of pardoning any federal conviction they want. 

Welcome to Deplorables: Portland’s First Alt-Right Craft Brewery

Deep State Dunkel: Enjoy the smooth malty flavor of this beer while you swap your favorite Obama conspiracy theories over a game of cornhole. Did he kill JFK? Probably!

Back To Home School Supply List

Mouse Pad (if unavailable, back issue of Entertainment Weekly from the bathroom will do). Beer Koozie (for the days when Dad is helping out). Pencil Box, with extra compartment used to hold Mommy's Xanax. And more!

CARTOON: Release

Good to finally get out. Today's cartoon by Jason Chatfield and Ed Steckley.

CARTOON: Bottoms Up

Vote to save our livers! Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

St. Patrick's Day Limericks

During the St. Paddy's parade, Through vomit, I had to wade, Smells like garbage and piss, Why do people like this? Oh yeah, a chance to get laid.

The White House’s Kavanaugh Celebration Party

Sean Hannity has a VIP table in one corner. Alex Jones is here. His shirt is already off. Roger Stone is seen handing out small red flyers about an orgy he’s hosting the following night.

A Sampling Of Brett Kavanaugh's Home Brewed Beers

Small Wood Double IPA: A hoppy beer with nutty undertones and a strong hint of male entitlement. The presidential beer of choice. Sausage Fest Pale Ale: A favorite among prep school boys and GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee. And more...

Reasons It's Still Okay To Drink Lots And Lots Of Booze

Some smarty-pants scientific types recently unveiled to the world the fact that alcohol, in any amount, isn't good for you. What a slap in the face! But don't despair. We got really drunk and came up with a few of these...

Lepre-Caan's St. Patrick's Day Tips

No Pushing And Shoving At The Bar! A snub-nosed 38 pressed into…

Alliterative Day-of-the-Week Themes to Boost Morale at Your Startup

  Mole Mondays Nope, not the cute little furry critter!…