LIST: Old Bands

Rage Against the CPAP Machine, The Villages People, The Bald Eagles, and more!

We’re Your Favorite Band from High School and We’re Really, Really Old Now

We’re opening with our hit about getting stoned and shredding a halfpipe. Even though he hasn’t been able to skateboard since his knee replacement, Brett is actually a little stoned right now from his THC-infused arthritis cream.

2023 Coachella Act or Classic Sitcom Wacky Neighbor

Uncle Waffles, Cosmo Kramer, Quagmire, and more!


The Grateful Deadpool, Flash Mouth, Green Day Lantern, and more #SuperheroABand on this week's trending joke game!

The Guy Who Designs Music Festival Posters Explains Himself

Listen closely. Actually, look closely. Yeah dude, you’re not at your annual eye doctor exam, you’re just reading one of my babies online. Go ahead, grab a magnifying glass to see if one of those indie bands you like is playing. Chances are, they’re playing at 10 a.m. on a stage three miles away from everything else. Take it from me as a design pro that does Photoshop two days a year, font matters. The bigger the font, the more my boss is yelling in my ear, “MAKE THE FONT BIGGER! WE SPENT OUR WHOLE BUDGET ON THEM.”

Independent Book Store or A Friend’s Goofy Band Name

 Moby Dickens, Ted From Accounting, The Banana Split Infinitives, and more Bookstore OR Band.


The Mamas and the Pastas, Justin Beefer, David Lee Broth, and more #BandAFood on this week's trending joke game!

Announcing the Ex-Boyfriend Reunion Tour

We've picked the perfect venue for this disastrous occasion: the really cool bar that you introduced all of them to. You know, the one where they now take girls who they're trying to sleep with to "hang out." Not that you still watch their Instagram stories or anything. Please.

‘105 Luftballons’ and 9 Other Rock ‘N Roll Recounts

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the recent recounts in Florida and Georgia, the following tunes were given a recount. The results tabulated as follows...

Sickly Bands

art by Dan McConnell

Mumford, No Son and 11 Other Discounted Bands Announce Spring/Summer Tours

In an effort to keep ticket prices down the recording industry…

Best Names For A Trump White House Garage Band

Stable Genius and the Unindicted Co-Conspirators Obama…