CARTOON: Vacation Mode

Sunning your gutter. Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

CARTOON: Beach Hang

Enjoy the sand between your toes and other places. Today's cartoon by Peter Kleinman.

CARTOON: Detected

In for a neat treat. Today's cartoon by Rachelle Meyer.

CARTOON: Beach Buds

Fleeting friendships. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Truly Terrible Beach Tips

Be sure to bring a sunblock bottle that contains at least 16 ounces, an excellent way to sneak in your vodka.

Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Evacuation Type This Flood Season

Flood season is upon us, ladies! And you don't want to be found after three days on a life raft without looking your best! Shopping for a flood season swimsuit can be daunting. You want something flattering, stylish, and comfortable but that also screams – “Please evacuate me!” 

CARTOON: Programmer Pickups

Thanks, I just rebooted. Today's cartoon by Michael Shaw.

CARTOON: Unreal Estate

Look out for the wave of new buyers. Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.

Truly Terrible Signs That You're at a Crummy Nude Beach

Even the crabs have crabs.

CARTOON: Sinking Summer

Life's a beach. Today's cartoon by Dan Misdea.

CARTOON: Tan Lines

Watch the straps! Today's cartoon by Ali Solomon.

Truly Terrible Summer Beach Tips

It can be dangerous to bring alcohol to the beach, and is more than likely prohibited.    Instead, get really drunk before driving to the beach.

CARTOON: Keeping Up

Feeling stranded? Today's cartoon by Steve McGinn.

Rough Start to Summer: A Lifeguard Has Ordered the Ocean Drained After a Whale Pooped In It

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, it's gross.

Handy-Dandy Tips On Staying Safe From Shark Attacks

While swimming, find a shark and wrestle it to submission.  …