CARTOON: The President Lends His Support To Brett Kavanaugh

The Sharpie is mightier then the facts. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

The White House’s Kavanaugh Celebration Party

Sean Hannity has a VIP table in one corner. Alex Jones is here. His shirt is already off. Roger Stone is seen handing out small red flyers about an orgy he’s hosting the following night.

Terrifying White House Inspired Halloween Costumes

Sexy Mitch McConnell, Zombie Mitch McConnell, just Mitch McConnell. And more.

TESTIFY Fearless Flying Program

Counseling nervous flyers and victims of sexual assault since…

CARTOON: Supremely Hazy Court

Is this party BYOB? Because that's no problem. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

LEAKED: The White House Approved Kavanaugh FBI Interview List!

"David Dennison" Donald Trump Jr. “Bart O’Kavanaugh,”Anthony Kennedy and more.

I Testify Before Congress in All My Fantasies

I can’t imagine anything more erotic than telling my story to America’s preeminent misogynists. Sweating in their suits as they question me. Wagging their erect fingers at me for slowing down an appointment critical to their agenda. Holy shit, my legs are quaking!

Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 Calendar

{ Official Transcript of provided Brett Kavanaugh 1982 Calendar } July 10 – “Visit Yale, Remember Visine.” July 21 - "Hypothetical Plans" July 22 – “Buy gag dick” – (X’d out)

CARTOON: Kavanaugh Georgetown Prep Yearbook

Goals: Supreme Court Justice or FBI (Federal Breast Inspector) Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers

What You Need To Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Trump based his endorsement mostly on the fact Kavanaugh's haircut reminds him of Judge Judy's...and more.