What You Need To Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

His plans to tax the tooth fairy on all money left under pillows will dramatically soften the blow on middle class taxpayers.

President Trump believes that Kavanaugh’s prior involvement with the Starr Report makes him the perfect justice to be involved with his Space Force program.

According to Mrs. Kavanaugh, the closest Brett has ever come to bush was during George W’s Florida recount campaign.

Trump based his endorsement mostly on the fact Kavanaugh’s haircut reminds him of Judge Judy’s.

Brett is strongly pro-life, but mostly due to the fact that he believes storks to be a member of the endangered species list.

He and Trump both use the same brand of tanning spray, but Kavanaugh uses it to keep fire ants off of his lawn.

He’s had a lucky rabbit’s foot, autographed by the cast of Glee, surgically placed in the spot where his appendix used to be.

Trump hopes that his nomination will ensure that Kavanaugh will allow him to borrow his robe for Halloween.