Terrifying White House Inspired Halloween Costumes

The Haunted Conscience of Susan Collins


Sexy Mitch McConnell


Zombie Mitch McConnell


Mitch McConnell


“Beach Week” entry in a calendar from 1982


Squi and/or Tobin lifting weights in 1982


A giant calendar from 1982


The living dead representation of Lindsay Graham


Actually, just Lindsay Graham


This list is getting very spooky


School curriculum designed by Betsey DeVos


Housing and Urban Development by Ben Carson


Affordable healthcare bill proposed by Republicans


Betsy DeVos


Ben Carson




Fox News anchor


No, the other one


I know, they are very similar


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ temper


Or just dress like Te Ka from Moana


And put a podium in front of you


A Mike Pence deciding vote


A Mike Pence thought bubble


A Mike Pence


The front page of the NY Times


The front page of the Washington Post


Any newspaper, really


Brett Kavanaugh’s puckered butthole mouth