Hot New Summer TV Shows!

Pillow Talk - Talk show hosted by My Pillow weirdo Michael Lindell. Not sure if this series will go beyond this first episode, which seems to actually be an intervention in disguise, as a group of Mike's friends and family members corner him in an effort to wrestle away the pillow that he's forever creepily cradling. (A&E, Wed 9pm)

Carpool Karaoke, Sir Paul McCartney, Deleted Scenes

Sir Paul McCartney, (V.O.): That's it. Now put a little more wrist into it. Oh, look 'round there. It's the basement where the lads and I would bust a nut. Those were the original lyrics to "Yesterday," you know. I needed three syllables. Bah-dah-dum.

New Programming for Fall Season: TV Mashups

Loveboat NCIS, West Wing World, Golden Girls of Gilead Got Talent and more.

Upcoming Rebooted TV Shows

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Oprah Winfrey is joining 60 Minutes

Oprah Winfrey is joining 60 Minutes as a Special Correspondent.…