Upcoming Rebooted TV Shows

Everyone is out of new ideas, it seems.    In creative mediums such as television and movies, this is just shameful.    If these writers and producers were able to come up with new material, we wouldn’t have to be bringing you this, our third installment of these…Upcoming Rebooted TV Shows!

Fear Factor
On this reboot of the popular reality game show, contestants must watch several hours of CNN without the benefit of alcohol or drug consumption.   Who will make it out unscathed?   No one has been up to the challenge as of yet, all comers welcome!

New Friends
  Fans have been clamoring for a Friends reboot for years!    The original group will never agree to do it, of course, so NBC just shrugged their shoulders and hastily cobbled together this reboot featuring the lonely adventures of Central Perk’s barista Gunther.   Will this be the episode where he finally figures out that stapling photographs of Jennifer Aniston onto a blow up sex dolls is what’s causing them to leak air?   Tune in to find out!

Nursing Home Improvement
  Tim Allen’s odd, guttural noises and bizarre, unfunny observations now finally are explained away by this new show, wherein his character is suffering from the grip of dementia in a poorly run nursing home.   No other returning cast members, although the character of neighbor Wilson is now a figment of his imagination in the form of a talking bedpan.

Happy Days
  Actually not a reboot of the popular 70’s / 80’s sitcom, but instead a documentary detailing the majority shareholders of the companies that produce Xanax, Klonopin, Zoloft, and other popular antidepressants, and their happy, carefree lives since the day that Trump took office.

Married …To Children
   Reboot of the popular 90’s sitcom Married… With Children, with Woody Allen taking over the iconic role of Al Bundy (although comparisons to Ted Bundy may be more appropriate).

Everybody Loves Ray Donovan
   Can tv tough-guy Ray Donovan(Liev Schreiber) be married to a typical sitcom wife without raising a hand to her?    Our gut says no, but we’ll all have to tune in to find out, I guess.

The Golden Shower Girls
  Take several Russian prostitutes who specialize in urination fetish, add a sweaty, bloated dictator, and mix it up to create comedy gold!   Er, so to speak.   Is probably a laugh a second, hopefully it will be found and released to us someday.