CARTOON: Uncover Up

Less is more. I think. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

Start Enjoying This Catalog You Think You’re Too Young To Get

Sure, you can put on your Clash and your Bush and your Kate Bush, but playing them on vinyl doesn’t make you young and wired. It makes you old enough to have the original albums before CDs were invented. Let’s talk tweed.

Every Human on Earth Looks at Least 30% More Attractive in a Blazer

Not sold on the Blazer Theory? Try picturing every one of your exes. Now, picture them wearing blazers. If you’re still not convinced, repeat the experiment, but replace your exes with your least favorite politicians, or the zombies from The Walking Dead...

CARTOON: Over it Outfit

Last Lewks. Today's cartoon by Eric Kofman.

Guide to Summertime Portmanteaus

Skort - a skirt that is also shorts / Jorts - shorts made from jeans/ Jort-Ski - when you ride a Kawasaki personal watercraft wearing jorts (see also, JortRunner) and more!

Pandemic Looks for Fashion Week

Trendy vaccinations are taking the world by storm. If you’ve got it, this fringe will flaunt it.

Quarantine Lewks: What to Wear!

Clothes make the man, and that sure doesn't have to stop just because the world has! Posting some of my favorite outfits I’ve been wearing during the quarantine. Check the links to shop the looks!

Stuff I Carry in the Gaps Between My Boobs and My Ill-Fitting Bras

What do you keep in your bra gaps? Written by Claire Tadokoro, and illustrated by Sarah Kempa.

CARTOON: Decisions, Decisions

New Year, New You. Sigh, what the shell am I gonna wear today? Today's cartoon by Mike Shiell.