Quarantine Lewks: What to Wear!

Clothes make the man, and that sure doesn’t have to stop just because the world has! Posting some of my favorite outfits I’ve been wearing during the quarantine. Check the links to shop the looks!



1: Here’s an excellent shirt from Homage with the original Cavs logo. You might recognize it from The Last Dance! Pants by Old Navy.


2: Two black shirts in a row? Well…Black is slimming! This is my favorite Chaps sweater that I wear when I’m sitting around the house, maybe trying a new jam out on the guitar! I like to be comfortable and relaxed when I practice. Pants by Old Navy.


3: This Lucky Brand shirt is a gem. I love the cut. It makes me chest look a little bigger than a regular t-shirt. The fabric is sheer and is extremely breathable. Perfect for the big plans I have when the summer heats up! A great find. Pants by Old Navy.


4: The color of this MV Sport hoodie is fading a little bit only because I wear it so much! The texture of the fabric is soft that I sometimes wear this outfit to bed and then continue wearing it the next day until it’s bedtime again. Boxer briefs by Old Navy.


5: Something I like to do to liven up the evening is put on a pair of novelty dress socks… just for me! These movie popcorn Happy Socks are the perfect footwear for an evening in front of the TV. Dim the lights! It’s showtime!