How Has The Pandemic Affected Those In The DC Universe?

The secret location of the Bat-Cave is now known by up to as many as 17 Uber-Eats drivers.

Wonder Woman now using her lasso of truth to determine whether those around her have truly had their vaccinations.

The Joker is considering replacing his infamous Joker Toxin with several of the COVID variants.

Superman telling all of his close friends that Kryptonite exposure is a “walk in the friggin’ park” compared to COVID.

Shazam spending all of his time in Billy Batson form, since kids have less of a chance of having a bad reaction to the virus.

Lex Luthor purchased FOX News and ramped up the bullshit to a 10.

The Flash making up for his wife’s lost wages by doing GrubHub deliveries.

Green Lantern left Earth, preferring to take his chances on WarPlanet X9 in the Hellscape dimension.

Hoping for free health-care, Harley Quinn turned herself back over to Arkham Asylum.

Aquaman was asked not to return to Atlantis.

Every member of The Suicide Squad quickly lived up their name.