This Year, I Did Something Special for Your Birthday

I made a documentary about you with your family and friends. Oh, the documentary turned out so well that Netflix acquired the streaming rights.

The Merchant of Venice Emails His Shipping Container Company To Inquire About His Delayed Sex Goods

These nasty novelties are needed at once for gifts — this Christian can not ruin Christmas for lonely men seeking safe pleasure play during these plague-ed times. NOW, YOU MUST HONOR OUR AGREED PRICE TO DELIVER THE GOODS and stop this coitus supply interruptus. 

10 Holiday Gift Ideas That Capture the Essence of 2020

Keys to a new car that has been missing for weeks. This one will be really good if we can just locate that brand-spanking new Porsche. I mean, anything’s possible right?

A Manly Holiday Gift Guide of Manly Gifts for the Manly Men in Your Life  

A flask with a Mini-Flask Hidden on the Side of It. And more.

What Your Father’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship With Your Dad

GPS watch: You used to turn to your dad for direction, but soon realized that all his advice was taken verbatim from a book he keeps in the bathroom called, “God Made Me Do It.”

The Weekly Humorist Last Minute Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Moscow Mule Drink Set You know those popular copper cups that…