The Weekly Humorist Last Minute Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Moscow Mule Drink Set

You know those popular copper cups that are all the rage?    Well, those are nice if you can afford them.    Instead, why not rent one of our drug mules from Moscow?    They’re accustomed to smuggling vast quantities of drugs in their rectal cavities, so assisting you in sneaking a flask or two of vodka into a sporting event or theme park will be no problem.   Available in regular and surly.

Collectors’ Plates Featuring Paintings of Windmills That Kind Of Famous People Fucked Inside Of

Check out these lovingly detailed collectors’ plates that feature a variety of rustic settings, the centerpiece of which are windmills that were the site of a nearly famous person’s fucking.     Let your imagination run wild as you daydream about the steamy intercourse that took place in these cozy wooden structures, typically between cast members of some reality show or another.

Blockbuster Movie Sex Ed dvds

Kids hate learning, but love blockbuster movies!    They won’t even realize that they’re digesting important facts about sexual education while viewing these action-packed titles!    Choose from HPV For Vendetta, Gonorrhea In 60 Seconds and Titanic Case Of Syphilis.

Spin The Bottle Game prank bottle

Specially designed bottle is expertly calibrated to land only on the persons at the party with mono!    Hours of fun and giggles!