How Nikki Haley Could Revive Her Failing Presidential Campaign

How did it happen, America? The 2024 presidential election is getting closer and closer, and somehow, the presumptive nominees are the same two melted goblins who ran against each other in 2020. WE HAD FOUR YEARS TO FIND BETTER PEOPLE! AND WE STILL DIDN'T DO IT!

Melania Trump’s Letter to Jill Biden

You have big stilettos to fill, for I was the greatest First Lady in the history of the United States. No other First Lady, both past and future, has even been or will ever be as good as me at avoiding the three evils: listening, caring, and working. 

Fired and 14 Other Potential Magazine Covers for Trump

Creeple, Trolling Stoned, Poor Sports Illustrated, and more!

What to Do When Your Screaming Autocrat Won’t Leave the White House

Offer a choice. This will make him feel like he has some say in the matter, even though he doesn’t. “On the way home, do you want us to keep counting the votes in Pennsylvania or stop counting them?”

Suggested Snacks For The Vice Presidential Debate

QAnonfat yogurt dip, KamalaTov Cocktails, Black Olives Matter, and more!

CARTOON: Biden's Debate Preparation

Don't get creamed! Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

CARTOON: Every Boat Counts

Just get in the F#cking boat. Today's cartoon by Joe Wos.

Remakes Of 90's Teen Movies For Today's Politics

Never Been Kissed By Joe Biden, Dazed & Confused About The Electoral College, Can't Hardly Wait For This To Be Over, and more!

I’m A Democratic Candidate And Here’s My Medicare-For-America Plan That Isn’t Some Whackadoodle Socialist Fairytale

Medicare for All the Swing Voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

CARTOON: Biden 2020

A strong whiff for Washington. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

I’m Goofy, Lovable Joe Biden, and I Endorse This Attack Ad Against That Other Joe Biden

So just say “No” to Joe Biden who makes you squirm and “Yes” to Joe Biden the closest thing to Obama’s third term. I’m woke 2010s Joe Biden, and I endorse this message against stodgy 1990s Joe Biden.”