Suggested Snacks For The Vice Presidential Debate

It’s been said many times before, politics are becoming more and more like sporting events. And that’s never been more true than in today’s current, topsy-turvy political climate.
But that then begs the question: What snacks and beverages go best with viewer friendly political matches? We give you… Suggested Snacks For The Vice Presidential Debate:

Pincing A Loaf

 Unseasoned, dry, flavorless meatloaf. It won’t take long to feel like you’ve had more than enough, and could potentially make you a bit queasy.

KamalaTov Cocktails

Tangy alcoholic beverage which may seem a bit too spicy at first, but the more you consume, the better you feel.


Stale, rubbery chips buried beneath layers of a grotesquely bright orange, greasily soggy generic brand cheese. If ingesting this one, be sure to watch the debate from the safety of your commode.

Black Olives Matter

Unless you’ve done a thorough sweeping of your social media accounts, you may still have a few friends who are conservative about their pizza toppings. Don’t allow them to dissuade you from this emotionally fulfilling treat, which has been a long time in the making.

QAnonfat yogurt dip

They’ll bend over backwards trying to convince you that this foul-tasting, curdled blob of sewage is actually a scrumptious treat, but you’d have to be a fucking psycho to buy into that snack theory. Just smile politely and slowly back away from the table.