CARTOON: Pressed Chess

Strategy for the future? Today's cartoon by Patrick Hickey.

Q & Anon- Top Questions From QAnon's Website FAQ

Q: Is wiping front to back is the work of Satan and his minions (ie, Liberals). A: If you're wiping at all, you're several steps ahead than the vast majority of our members.

Ask Dr. Kit: Pup Smear - Veterinary Queries

Dear Nuts...   You're trying to get me to use the phrase, "you should drain your lizard".   And I'm not going to do it.   Nope.   Please discontinue this nonsense.

An Ignorant Satirist Answers Your Questions About Coronavirus

Q: How can I protect myself? A: Sorry, you can’t. The universe is a totally random place.  How else can we possibly understand the popularity of 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Nail Your Job Interview with These ‘Greatest Weaknesses’

I make coffee so good my entire team once started to cry after their first sip and we all had to go home. It was so embarrassing. I’m being a little vulnerable by telling you about this.

Are You There, Cthulhu? It’s Me, Margaret.

If only we had this kind of content during our vulnerable years - maybe it wold have all turned out differently.