Teddy Ruxpin Story Descriptions for the 21st Century

 The world sure has changed a lot since 1985! Teddy is ready to make new friends and goes on an intersectional playdate. Teddy had no idea how many oppressive institutions existed. He’s learning that no matter who you are, everyone just wants to have friends and wants to use his privilege to affect change!

Grubby, Gimmick, and Teddy learn that after years of falsifying studies, the evil Tweeg has convinced a large part of the population that vaccines cause Autism. Can Teddy and his friends undo this dangerous trend? Will Polio once again take its toll on Teddy’s homeland in Rillonia?

Teddy has dinner at his friend’s house and learns what it’s like to be gluten-free, non- GMO and vegan. While he’s not convinced being a gluten-free vegan is the lifestyle choice he wants to make, he did learn he’s been a pescatarian all along.

Take an online adventure with Teddy and his friends to see what happens when their Twitter feed goes viral. Teddy thought trolls only existed under bridges in Rillonia! Seems much hasn’t changed since the 80s when it comes to our relationship with Russia. Teddy also learns how to clapback!

Teddy and his friends meet someone transgender and learn no matter who you are on the outside, we are all the same on the inside! Teddy also doesn’t understand why it matters where someone needs to use a restroom! After all, he shits in the woods.

Someone stole Grubby’s identity and is now harassing women. Can Teddy and his friends stop this identity thief before someone they care about becomes part of the #metoo movement?

Teddy learns that emergency drills in school are no longer just for fires and tornadoes. He wants adults to get their shit together and reform antiquated gun laws. Kids should have to focus on learning not on surviving a school day.

Teddy and his friends head off on an adventure to find out if the world is flat! Teddy finds this adventure incredulous. It’s 2018! This anti-science movement has really gone too far and it’s starting to make Teddy wish he had stayed in the 80s.

Teddy and his friends put on a musical to bring awareness about climate change. After all, We only have one Earth, and yes, it’s STILL round! Teddy considers hibernation for several hundred years.