The Weekly Humorist Summer 2020 Reading List

Vowel MovementMy Life On Wheel Of Fortune by Vanna White

The Search For Bigfoot And Also For My G Spot by The United Organization Of Lonely Bigfoot Enthusiasts

CruzJo, The Rabid Texas Senator by Stephen King

Captain Underpants Meets Mistress Crotch-Less Panties, The Last Captain Underpants Book You’ll Read Before Hitting Puberty by the guy who writes those Captain Underpants books

Giraffe Prostate Exams For Dummies

The Oversized, Outrageously Priced Coffee Table Book Of Photos From A Star Wars Movie That You’ve Already Watched Like 800 Times by E. Palpatine

Harry Potter & The Three Dollar Or Less Discount Bookstore Bin Of Terror! by JK Rowling

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Mike Pence (And Could You Get Back To Me Quickly, I’m Really Beginning To Freak Out!). by Judy Blume

My Work With The #MeToon Movement by Jessica Rabbit

The Cult In The Hats: A Dr. Seussian Examination of Trump’s Maniacal Followers