The Omicron Variants

Omicone: An iced treat made from disease

Omicroc: Semiaquatic reptile who coughs on you

Omicrone: Malady which targets elderly witches

Omicronk: The world’s most infectious dinosaur

Omicon: Convinces you your money is worthless and you should give it all to the variant

Omicomp: No charge for getting sick! (But well’s gonna cost.)

Omiconk: Blow to the head that gives you a fever

Omicorn: Even better with butter

OmiClaus: Jolly fat man who brings the gift of quarantine

OmiKant: Symptoms include a belief that reason is the source of morality. Also a throbbing headache.

OmiKent: Super-spreader disguised as mild-mannered reporter

OmiCran: The world’s most infectious soft drink

Omiclone: Bacteria that looks like Omicron but only causes whimsy

Omiscone: British biscuit that’s delicious, and communicable

OmiCohen: You call that sick? Try living next to the Berkowitzes’ cats for thirty years, then you’ll be sick!

OmiKhan: Ancient Mongol warrior who sneezed on his enemies

Omicrank: Tool used to change tires on an ambulance

OmiKlan: Gets all your Ku’s Kluxier… and kontagious

Omicrass: Person who brags about how sick they are

Omichrist: The world’s most infectious deity

Omigod: What you say when you get it