Things That You’ll Need To Know Before Watching The Downton Abbey Movie

Downton Abbey is based on the television show of the same name, and concerns the problems and concerns of a group of unlikable rich white people; oddly enough, it was broadcast on PBS rather than CNN.

If you have a problem with foreign accents, you may have a trouble understanding what the characters are saying on Downton Abbey; of course, if you have a problem with foreign accents, you probably live somewhere that doesn’t have access to broadband cable anyway.

Downton Abbey offers the audience a unique opportunity to witness a wide variety of British people with good teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, Downton Abbey has little to do with Down-Town Abby, the 90’s rebranding of the Dear Abby newspaper advice column intended to give it a hip, urban boost.

Downton Abbey features instances of murder, rape, incest, infidelity and constant lying and backstabbing; in retrospect, it’s more or less a classy, dignified version of The Jerry Springer Show.

The show, as well as the movie, has been lauded for showing that respect and friendship-regardless-of-class can bring people together in difficult times; that, and the shared lack of deodorant.

Downton Abbey counts among it’s cast of characters one black person, and one gay person;, so, exactly like the NBC favorite ER back in the 90’s.

Downton Abbey is set in a time during which there was no tv, no internet, and no phone for much of the duration.    Certainly plenty of reasons for people to be petty assholes to one another for little to no reason.