EXCLUSIVE! “The Shout Out” Quarantine Comedy Short Filmed Entirely on Phones in Lockdown Premieres!

Quarantine Comedy Film “The Shout Out” has released in time for the election and as covid-19 case numbers continue to rise. The film, starring Elizabeth Masucci and Patrick Zeller, a production by Don’t Panic Films and presented by Weekly Humorist, has been called a ‘cathartic comedy’ for the visceral, sharp and emotional hysterics that flow from the heroine, reality TV Bachelor contestant Cameron Kim Michaels’ (Elizabeth Masucci)  mouth as she tries to make the best of it, recording video messages for fans, while in lock-down. Things enter a hilarious crescendo when Cameron Kim Michaels records a message for her #1 fan, Chad (Patrick Zeller) that leads her to an absolute 2020 breakdown. Watch it below! Be sure to share and give it a Shout Out!!


Synopsis: A Reality Star joins Cameo during quarantine and has a meltdown while recording a birthday message for a fan.