Wall Street’s Additions to Fearless Girl


Due to the overwhelming interest and popularity for the “Fearless Girl” sculpture on Wall Street, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has announced several other installations that will be added over the course of the year in partnership with State Street Global Advisors. “Fearless Girl”, installed on International Women’s Day, celebrated women leaders and the indomitable female spirit. Listed below are the unsung archetypes the city and our agency will hope inspires another generation of photo-ops. Oops – typo, we meant to inspire more women.


“Pregnant Woman”

8 months pregnant and still riding the subway every day to her job to bank every day of maternity leave possible, she’ll be standing as if she is in a crowded subway car, refused a seat by able-bodied commuters.


“Crying In The Bathroom Woman”

This sobbing lady was just denied a raise at work and passed over for a promotion that was given to the boss’ less competent golfing buddy pal. Make sure your selfie gets her waterfall of tears that will also double as a fountain!


“Over 40 Interviewee”

Thrill to this exhibit’s interview outfit and impressive resume, only to be shunned because of her age and probable children at home. Sure, she might be an asset to some companies, but she’ll most likely have to leave to pick her kids up from daycare. (Note to bros: this is the sculpture to hump)


“Childless Married Lady”

Feel free to ask your most invasive questions to why this woman has no children. Get your dog ear filters ready!


“Reading Girl”

She’ll be holding a book. Just ignore this one. Not sure what we were thinking.