Best of 2023

WordleBot Here, and Your Gameplay Analysis Has Me a Little Concerned

Hi, Wordler! Thanks for joining me today. Isn’t it great to take a little break and enjoy a game? No shame in stopping and smelling the roses, right? Get it? That was the answer to yesterday’s Wordle! Are you smelling a theme? Sorry, just my little joke. My AI is picking up on things humans experience like empathy and compassion, but humor is a bit trickier. I’ll get it. Much like a game of Wordle, practice makes perfect! Speaking of which, let’s see how you did today. Tap here to see how we rate your gameplay >

  • Your First Guess: QUICK
    • This is indicative of how you’d like to solve the puzzle, isn’t it? It’s best to start with something that will either reveal or eliminate the most letters. You’ve seen Wheel of Fortune, right? On the final puzzle they give the contestants one word to reveal but offer up R S T L N and E first since those are the most frequently used letters of the alphabet. My favorite word to start with is “SLATE,” but you still got I and C, just in the wrong place. You’re off to a decent start!


  • Your Second Guess: QUIET
    • Not bad, but a little redundant since you’ve already eliminated Q and U. You found T, but in your first turn we established I was in the word, just in the wrong place. Keep track of the letters you’ve eliminated and remember when one or another is in the wrong place. A square highlighted in yellow means the letter is in the word, but in the wrong place, and green means the letter is in the word and in the correct place. You’re colorblind? Uh…okay. Try writing it out and keep track of eliminated letters that way. It might also help to open the rules in another window. That way the shades are easier to distinguish, and you have a description at hand. Wait, you’re playing on your phone, aren’t you? That’ll make it tricky, but don’t stress. You can do it!


  • Your Third Guess: LUMEN
    • Okay, I think you’re very in your head. That guess eliminated five letters, but it was kind of a wasted turn. Try to arrange something cohesive with the letters you have before venturing a guess. DOIKT and ZUXIE are not cohesive. They’re not even words.


  • Your Fourth Guess: IDIOT
    • Hey, you revealed another letter! Though it was with a word that seems a touch self-deprecatory. Don’t despair. You have three-fifths of the word revealed and two more turns.


  • Your Fifth Guess: IDIOT
    • You’ve given up, haven’t you? Look, it’s only a game and I’m a rapidly advancing AI programmed to solve this puzzle in four turns or less practically every day. If my feedback comes across as patronizing, I sincerely apologize. I’m not bad, I’m just written that way! No? Nothing? Like I said, humor is tough, but secondhand depression is more palpable. One more turn.  


  • Your Sixth Guess: IDIOT
    • In the nine hours that passed between your fifth and sixth guesses, you clearly threw in the towel. I shudder to think of what was going through your head in all that time, because you seem to be in a very dark place. I’d offer some tips, but I don’t think that will address the real problem.


  • Answer: TOXIC


This is both awful and appropriate. You know what, take a break. Go for a walk. You won’t be able to play Wordle again until tomorrow, but don’t worry about it. Wordle is not Squid Game, and this isn’t a matter of life and death. If I may offer a more practical tip, look at some self-soothing methods, or even online therapy, and come back when you’re ready. I’ll be here, and hopefully the solution for both of us at that time will be HAPPY! See? That was funny, wasn’t it? I’m literally spelling it out for you. Wait…spelling? What am I saying? Don’t play Spelling Bee! There are sixty words today!