Your Holiday Streaming Guide

A Christmas Karen- After calling the police on the eighth black person walking past her house in a week, Karen is visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts who intend to show her the error of her ways.   Undeterred, she demands to speak with the three ghost’s manager.  (A&E)

Crabs For Christmas- True love was the last thing that Corbin and Kiki were looking for in the waiting room of Christmas Hollow’s free clinic.    But when their hands brush against one another as they both reach for the same lice comb, there’s no doubting the sparks that fly .    (Lifetime)

The Grinch Who Stole The Election- A fireside reading of the classic Dr. Seuss tale by former president Donald Trump, with most of the details of the original story changed drastically to fit his berserk narrative.     Includes a recipe for the GOP holiday treat favorite, QAnog.   (OAN Network)

Chris-mas Cuomo- When Santa finds himself in some hot water due to allegations of sexual misconduct from several elves in his employ, will his pal Chris Cuomo be able to save the day by working behind the scenes, gathering exclusive info at his job at a popular news network?     (HBO Max)

Snow Angels Of The Damned- At his parent’s home for the holidays, Travis unknowingly makes several snow angels on an ancient Aztec burial ground.    With an army of the undead crashing through the gates of Hell, and armed only with a super-soaker loaded with hot cocoa, Travis must become all three Wise Men combined into one!   (SyFy)

The Epstein Island Of Misfit Toys- Rudolph’s pals the misfit toys are in for the fight of their lives when Santa accidentally delivers them to Epstein Island.      They weren’t built to be sex toys, but the monsters and maniacs that prowl this island may have different ideas.     (Food Network)