A Few Mighty, Uncanny Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

Iron Man is really pissed about Trump’s recent steel tariff decision.

With Avengers Infinity War in theaters during spring, now comic book fans will have something to do on prom night.

Clocking in at almost three hours, Infinity War is the most refreshingly honest example of advertising in years.

Every other member of the Avengers, female and male alike, has joined the #metoo movement and are filing sexual harassment changes against the Hulk.

Thanos is unquestionably a mentally unstable, tyrannical leader; a power hungry despot who obviously cares only for his own greedy agenda. Yet, the citizens of the Marvel Universe had nothing to do with electing him into his position of power!

Once Obamacare has been completely dismantled, Dr Strange will no longer be able to use his mystical super powers to help poor people.

Quite unprovoked, Thanos immediately kills Black Panther, claiming later that “It looked like he was carrying a weapon.”

While a bit frustrated, Thanos understands why the Infinity Gauntlet has a fourteen day waiting period, and complies with a good attitude.