How Are The Heroes Of The Marvel Universe Dealing With The Coronavirus?

The heroes of the Marvel Universe struggle with life and death, universe-ending scenarios every day, several at once at times.    So the coronavirus probably isn’t that big a deal to them.  Still, though, we can’t help but be curious…How Are The Heroes Of The Marvel Universe Dealing With The Coronavirus?

Iron Man:  
Currently dead, unaffected.

Dr. Strange: 

Busy fighting a three headed Frost Demon from an alternate Hell-Dimension, unable to help with overflow of coronavirus victims at local ER.


Impervious to coronavirus while in Hulk form, attempting to maintain angry-rage status by watching CNN around the clock.


Spider-sense warning of danger mostly when swinging by airports during heavy international flight turnaround.


Currently freaking out after noticing that “Made In China” in inscribed onto his hammer.

Black Panther:  

Playing it safe by staying in Wakanda, where there’s been a cure for years.


Robot, unaffected by human illnesses (although currently dealing with a rough batch of Robot chlamydia).

Ghost Rider:   

As it turns out, the flaming skull is actually a symptom of the coronavirus; currently in quarantine.


The “Man Without Fear” too scared to leave his NYC apartment.

The Punisher: 

Rather than the typical gang-members, killers and other assorted criminals, The Punisher has taken to targeting people who don’t cover their mouths when sneezing and coughing.


Has shrunk down to the level of the Microverse, where the only thing he has to worry about is possibly being killed by a gigantic dust mite.