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Best of 2022

An Update on the Oompa Loompa Unionizing Efforts

What Do We Want? Hazard pay for experimental candy testers, a properly sanitized chocolate meadow, bathroom breaks, commuting access to the Wonkavator, yearly cost of living increases, one guaranteed sick day each, and to be paid henceforth in pound sterling, not cocoa beans. We are sick of cocoa beans.


Frog and Toad are Doing Their Best (Book Excerpt)

Toad ponders a variety of questionable schemes to pay off his credit cards, while Frog spends too much time scrolling through the newsfeed on his phone. But despite their daily frustrations and existential concerns, they know that having a friend to share life’s burdens makes even the darkest days brighter.


Edible Arrangements for Unforgivable Situations

Oh No, I Apri-cut Your Nuts! Created to specifically address the surprising rise of violence in the Edible Arrangements community, this bevvy of dried apricots and rich cashews are sure to say “I’m sorry I cut off your testicles. Let’s still be friends.”