SAG-AFTRA Answers FAQs About Labor Day Celebrations During the Strike

Being that Labor Day celebrates unions and the achievements of American workers, are we allowed to celebrate it this year while SAG-AFTRA negotiations with studios are ongoing? 

If by celebrating it, you mean “attend a pool party that will be filmed and used as b-roll for another Hot Tub Time Machine sequel,” then nope.


Wait, what else am I not allowed to do this Labor Day?

Until contracts are settled, you may not act, sing, dance, or engage in a variety of other activities during gatherings. If you attend a barbecue, you should not attempt to do one of those “what I ate” TikToks. We might consider it promotional content if we see a Heinz ketchup logo. 


But most of us are not Tom Cruise. Why so many rules? 

You could be the next Tom Cruise.


What if I’m not a SAG-AFTRA member yet?

Double no, you may not do any of the above if you ever want to hopefully, hypothetically, potentially become a member in the very distant future. 


Can I jump over a blazing hot fire pit?

Performing stunts are not permitted either. Also, it’s not a good idea to risk burning bridges or your face. If acting ever becomes a thing again, you’ll need our organization and also, good headshots.


What if I make everyone, including my videographer cousin Drew, put their camera away?

Don’t be silly. Do you really think we are going to believe you’d put yourself that close to an awesome flame created in a charcoal + lighter fluid fire pit without filming yourself? 


But what if I’m not looking to ever become a member? 

Ha. Nice try. Secretly everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and when that happens for you, you’ll definitely want more of it.


But what if I’m an accountant?

When you say you’re “an accountant,” we assume you mean you were once on The Office. So… no. 


What if my 6-year-old niece wants me to be in “her show” during our family barbecue? 

We know that you are dying to be in anything, but you’ll have to walk away from this role too. 


But what if she cries Oscar-worthy tears? 

Congratulate her on her amazing display of talent. Just make sure no one films her meltdown and there aren’t any security cameras on site. We don’t want to use her performance against her in the future.


What is your position on patriotic sock puppets? 

Depends on if it has eyes sewn on or not. If it has eyes sewn on, it falls under our ‘no puppeteering’ clause. If it doesn’t have eyes sewn on, sorry– as long as you’re operating anything with your hand, it’s still puppeteering. For this reason, if you’re helping out with the burgers, it’s best not to wear an oven mitt. 


What if my Uncle Joe, who happens to be a director at a local theater, wants to know what I’ve been up to lately? 

We consider any small talk with people in the business an “interview.” It’s best to shift to a discussion about politics.


Can I march in a Labor Day parade? 

Sure, as long as it’s not broadcast and you are wearing one of the official WGA solidarity T-shirts for sale on our website. Also, we are assuming by “march in a parade” you really mean “stand in a picket line.” 


Can I show my family videos of my new puppy dressed in a red, white, and blue hard hat and a tool belt? 

Only if you are confident your  friends and family will not report you to our offices for breaking the following rules:


  • Voice Acting (If we can so much as hear you grunt on camera.)
  • Narration (If you comment on the video at all.)
  • Animal wrangling (Assuming your dog does something cute.)
  • Fittings, wardrobe tests, makeup tests (Nice try with the Labor Day outfit.)
  • Producing (You made this video, didn’t you?)
  • Social media (Showing any media in a social setting.) 


The full list is available on our website. 

Is there anything traditional we ARE allowed to do this Labor Day? 

You can wear white for the last time. Just not if it’s your wedding day because when you recite vows, it’s running lines. 


So essentially, I should just stay home with my face buried in American Pie? 

Yes. As long as you’re not “prepping” for the next American Pie casting call. Also, please turn off all camera-equipped Alexa devices.