Truly Terrible Congressional Cost Cutting Measures

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s $15K per month skin-tag removal costs no longer covered by group insurance.

Federally mandated virus-weaponization labs using the homeless as test subjects losing two of their five employee break room vending machines.

Less expensive prostitutes for out-of- town conferences.

Congress looking into ways of potentially harvesting the energy created by massive book burnings.

Members of Congress now have to bring in their own adult diapers from home.

Congress-wide holiday gift coupon books for Epstein Island being discontinued.

Members of Congress can only have one person per member killed off the books, as opposed to four as in previous years.

Mental health medical coverage for congressional members has been discontinued, as most members of the GOP were not using said services anyway.

Not going to do anything, just going to change and distort the facts in history books later.