Hallmark Hanukkah Movies

Challah Be Home for Hanukkah
As CEO of a public relations company, Stephanie has little time for anything. But an unrelenting phone campaign by her mother brings her back to her hometown in time for the holiday and to compete in the town’s annual baking competition. As Stephanie works on her challah recipe, she discovers her mother has cooked up an introduction to Gabe, her orthopedist.

Love You Latkes
Stacy knows it’s the busiest time of the year at her grandfather Abe’s deli, so she surprises him by showing up to help for the season. But she discovers his partner’s grandson Jeremy, the high school boyfriend who broke her heart, is also behind the counter. The two have to put aside their past and pick up their potato fryers.

Eight Hazy Nights
Rachel is a travel writer who city hops so much she can’t quite remember where she had the Jdate of her dreams this time last year. Was that romantic walk over a bridge in Chicago? Then why does she remember something about noodle kugel in New York? Her overworked brain can’t work it out so she sets out to spend each night of Hanukkah in a place she’s visited to find her beshert.

Menorah or Less
Investment banker Ilan loses his money, his apartment, and his girlfriend when his firm goes under. He takes a job at a meal-delivery service where a late-night order for a pastrami sandwich leads him to Hannah who needs help saving her startup.

Dreidel Games
Miriam never wanted to settle down so she’s been fine with a life of swiping left and right. Until she takes a spill on some ice and ends up at her grandparents for healing, Hanukkah, and some hot matzoh ball soup. Seeing how much her grandma Netta and grandpa Sol still love each other, she decides to take a chance on a real relationship when she gets back on her feet. But will she land on love?

Giving Up the Gelt
Talia’s parents always expected her to become a lawyer, so she left town and her boyfriend Ethan to go to law school. But on a Hanukkah visit home, it’s hard for her to deny that her heart is still with Ethan and in opening a kosher chocolate shop.

Lights! Candles! A Chossen!
Hollywood hasn’t been everything screenwriter Naomi thought it would be. All of her projects have been sidelined and her fiancé has left her on the first night of Hanukkah and just weeks before their wedding. With a reception hall she can’t cancel, she’s determined to walk down the aisle with someone, anyone, but her best friend (and ex-boyfriend) Ben comes to visit to talk her out of it.

Bells Will Be Kvelling
Ann and Bill Bell are all set to meet their son Will’s fiancée and to spend Christmas week together with sleigh rides, caroling, and midnight mass. When Abigail shows up with jelly donuts and latkes, she’s not exactly what they expected. Getting them all to get along will be a true miracle.