Childhood Games Updated For Adulthood

Truth or Dare To Speak To Your Manager

Duck, Duck; Sagging Caboose

7 Minutes in the Dermatologist’s Office

Musical Chairs With Lumbar Support

Suck and Blow: Lactose Intolerance Edition

Duck, Duck; Green Juice

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Rogaine Right Over

Blind Man’s Bluffed Insurance Claim

Twister: Herniated Disc Edition

Duck, Duck; Forget To Duck, Bump Your Head, Curse, Tell Your Nephew Cursing is Just for Adults, Bribe Him With Candy So He Doesn’t Tell Your Judgy Sister-In-Law.

Capture The Emotional Red Flag

Hide & Seek A Nap

Go Fish For Compliments

Pin the Weird Lump on the Hairline

Hi Ho! Unmarried-O

Chutes & Bladders: The Game of Many Bathroom Breaks

Mother May I Have Power of Attorney

Duck, Duck; Fuck, Another Date Wearing Boat Shoes, Jesus Christ, the Men in This City are So Emotionally Fraught, What’s the Point, I Guess I’ll Just Retire to My Duplex to Watch Reruns of “The Wire”