Dr. Kit Lively’s Signs That You’re At A Bad Dentist

They set up their examination room with wall to wall clear plastic wrap, like a kill room in an episode of Dexter.


No laughing gas, but there is a meth dealer loitering in the waiting room.


They only take cash payments up front, as they “don’t want to get the money all bloody and stuff”.


He doesn’t wear a shirt during your procedure, as he’s needing to allow his wounds from fight club a chance to breathe.


He refers to himself as “the Tooth Fairy”, as he always removes a few extra teeth, but gives you a quarter for each one.


They have you wear the dental x-ray apron for protection, as well as a condom.


Their “introductory special” involves a free hot wax nipple drip with your first teeth cleaning.


They seem genuinely puzzled whenever you bring up the subject of flossing.