Fareed Zakaria Declares the Moments Others Truly “Became the President”

“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States. I think this was actually a big moment” – CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Trump’s decision to launch a missile strike on a Syrian air base. April 7, 2017


On George W. Bush, January 11, 2002


“What you saw here today was a truly presidential level of esophageal fortitude. When he was choking on that pretzel, President Bush had a decision to make: will history remember me as the first man to asphyxiate on a Mister Salty or as the leader of our great nation? And by God, he chose to lead. I believe it’s the moment he became president.”



On Gerald Ford, June 1, 1975


“Some saw it as a fall down a rain-soaked staircase, but I’m going to have to disagree. By descending those last six steps all at once, President Ford was sending a message to our friends and foes alike. He has a bold policy agenda to enact and cannot be delayed by things like basic locomotion. Make no mistake, he is now our president.”



On Bill Clinton, January 26, 1998


“He said it clear as day, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.’ Now let’s parse this statement a little, because I think it is important. Does everyone like to have sexual relations? Yes. But who chooses not to? Men with a greater calling to service. I think he must really be the president, because me…I would have boned her silly.”



On Richard Nixon, August 9, 1974


“And so I ask you, what man has a greater love for country than one willing to spare it the embarrassment of an impeachment trial? Today, by resigning as the president, Richard Nixon has truly become our president. Boom! Fareed Zakaria just blew your mind.”