If You Tag Someone In This Post, I Might Be Able To Keep This Job

We’ve rounded up the most exotic places to do yoga headstands at sunset! Tag someone whom you’ve enjoyed a beautiful sunset with.

Tag someone who has seen the sun set.

Tag someone who hasn’t seen the sun set but still has a Facebook account somehow. Probably because they are a troll, but even clicks from trolls might help me keep this late-night social media shift and move to a place with 5 or 6 fewer roommates.

Tag someone who does yoga.

Tag someone who eats yogurt.

Tag someone who hates yogurt.

Tag Ashley, who has enough time to post an old picture of herself doing a monkey side plank in front of a Stonehenge, but not enough time to reply to a simple text about meeting for lunch.

Tag someone you’ve ever played tag with.

Tag the inventor of the game of tag.

Tag the inventor of Tang.

Tag an astronaut.

Tag an adult diaper company.

Tag someone you’ve had a crush on.

Tag Tom. You know, the one who was always fawning over Ashley in high school even though she was too busy practicing eagle leg handstands to even notice him.

Tag someone who is still awake at this hour.

Tag someone who gets paid by the hour.

Tag someone who is getting paid per tag. Just kidding — I’m probably the only one who would actually agree to that.

Tag chain time! Tag at least 20 people. Ideally people who are familiar with chain letters and understand that not tagging will bring them many, many years of bad luck.

Tag someone on their honeymoon.

Tag someone who has seen the moon. No need to tag Ashley, since we’ve all already seen the five million pics of moonsets from her honeymoon.

Tawg someone. That’s a term I just made up but I’m hoping will really take off. I think there is probably like a 2% chance.

Tag someone related to you.

Tag someone related to Ewan McGregor.

Or just tag any celebrity. Also, if you actually know a celebrity, please contact me directly about becoming friends. You must be doing something better with your life than I am.

Go ahead and tag Ashley again. Maybe all that blood that has been rushing to her head from spending time upside down means she doesn’t really see notifications.

Tag someone named Tag.

Tag someone named Tad.

Tag someone named Dad.

Tag anyone literally anyone — except Ashley. It looks like I finally just got a message from her.