Best of 2023

Items Found in Burning Man’s Porta Potties

“With access in and out of Burning Man closed for the time being, a new dire problem has arisen: No one can clean or empty the portable toilet.” – SF Gate


Aviator goggles rubber cemented onto a fedora

Bejeweled 2 x 4

Cash decorated as Monopoly money

Orange cone with dandy leather hat and sequined whip

DayGlo wicker man

Inflatable warlord spade 

Spiked corset with whistles and pulleys

Hammer pants with sewn on aerial dance ribbons

Mosaic policeman’s cap with jingle bells

Tweety Bird stick-on tattoo

Steampunk tutu and thong 

Lion head with leopard harness

Crocheted Viking helmet and chaps

Nymph warrior neon headdress

Rainbow wings with ferret fur trim