Los Angeles Land O’ Lakers and 15 Other Potential Product Placements For Your Favorite Pro Sports Team Names. # 6 Will Make You Want To Stand Up And Start The Wave 

Let’s get those ticket, not to mention 9 dollar concession stand beer, prices down and just let your favorite pro sports franchise turn its name into a product placement financial windfall.  Such as…

Jacksonville Jaguar XKEs

Denver Ford Broncos

Indianapolis Colt 45 Malt Liquors

Los Angeles Ram Tough Pickup Trucks

Seattle Star Kissed Chicken of the Seahawks

NY Jet Blues

Chicago Bear Sterns

Los Angeles Land O’ Lakers

NY Snickerbockers

Orlando Magic FM

Phoenix Sun and Ski Sports

Philadelphia Union 76ers

NY Metropolitan Life’s

NY Yankee Candles

San Francisco Jolly Green Giants

Cincinnati Johnny Walker Reds