CARTOON: Dapper Referee

This flag is for fabulous!

CARTOON: Post Thanksgiving Rituals

Today's Thanksgiving cartoon by Michael Shaw.

CARTOON: Sphere Here

Complex Creatures. Today's cartoon by Sarah Morrissette.

Boston Sports Fan Pain Chart

Bean Town or Mean Town? Tough place to be a fan.

How NFL Teams Got Their Names

New York Giants: The team is named after New Yorker Elmer Alvin Doe’s masterpiece “The Giant,” with the famous line: Quoth the Giant “Nah-vermore.”

All the New Rules in Major League Baseball

Baseline obstacle accounting. Beehives will be played about every four feet along both the first and third baselines, and the bees will be angry.


John Waters Polo, Volley Hunter, Gene Swimmons, and more #CelebASummerSport on this week's trending joke game!

Power Rankings of My Son’s Little League Baseball Roster

Atop the list for the sixth consecutive week is Niko Cherry. Nicknamed “Cherry Bomb” for his ability to blast the ball (almost) to the outfield, Niko is the oldest kid on the team and it shows. With broad shoulders and early signs of a mustache on his upper lip, he’s been feasting on both pitchers and hitters this season. If he continues his torrid pace, league officials may just have to take another look at that birth certificate. 


Keep your eye on the balls.

19 Potential Product Placements For Your Favorite College Sports Teams

Univ of Arkansas Gillette Razorbacks, Florida Gatorades, Colorado Buffalo Wings, and more!

I’m the Guy who Makes the Fake Crowd Noise at Baseball Games, and Yes, I Have Been Secretly Inserting Rupi Kaur Poems

“Dad,” you say. “It’s poetry!” “NO,” he yells. “It’s BASEBALL. We should have never sent you to [liberal arts college]!!” Of course, you were both right. Which is why I’m coming clean...

Two Tour de France Announcers Narrate My Morning Jog 

“Unfortunately, the sprinklers are on. This reminds me of last year’s Tour when riders suffered through heavy rain, a hailstorm, AND a landslide that almost took out the yellow jersey, or maillot jaune.” “It really is JUST like that. The perseverance. The grit. The triumph of the human spirit.” “She’s walking again.”

CARTOON: Zoom Batter!

Hope they are charged up for the game! Today's cartoon by Paul Lander and Dan McConnell.

A Note on the “No Passionate Open Mouthed Kissing” Rule for the 2020 Baseball Season

P.S. Goes without saying, but we’ve also cancelled the Seventh Inning French.

The Commissioner's Adjusted Rules For The 2020 MLB Season

Along with having a universal designated hitter every team will be assigned a designated tickler, Stadiums will replace hot dogs with normal temperature regular dogs, Gloves will be replaced with a hand of bananas. And more.

CARTOON: Referee Rob

Flag on the play! My wallet! Today's cartoon by Lars Kenseth.

CARTOON: Focus Forward

Don't let looking back eat you up. Focus forward! Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

How to Make Baseball More Exciting

Instead of having managers wear the team’s uniform, make them only wear leather. Raise the pitcher’s mound by 10 feet. And more.


I Know What You Did Last Summer Olympics, Synchronised Skinning, Ben Roethlismurder and more #HorrorSports from our trending hashtag game!

A Viewer’s Guide To World Cup Injuries

Injuries are a part of every sport. A hockey player might lose…

The NFL All New National Anthem Policy

The NFL announced a new national anthem policy today:   Players…

Baseball Terms Explained for the Non-Baseball Fan By Someone Who Definitely Knows Baseball Very Well

AB - Player saw  “a bat” SB - Player “saw” a “bat” BK…

Winter Brooklympic Events

Garbage pile skeleton Slush puddle Salchow Digging…