More Trump Poems

Recently President Trump used the forum of a press conference in order to read a poem comparing immigrants to a “vicious snake”.    The guy can barely string together two coherent words on his best day, so while offensive, this was quite an impressive accomplishment!   What other flights of literary fancy could he be hiding up his overly long sleeves?

Without permission, I’ll grab your kitty,
Cuz baby, I own this city,
Look, when you’re a star,
Your looks can be subpar,
And you’ll still get someone who’s pretty.

These folks who say they’re trans?
My base quite frankly aren’t fans.
We just can’t quite trust,
These men with a bust,
They just don’t fit in our klans.

Hey, how about those tax cuts?
Everyone said I was nuts!
You save a dollar,
And still live in squalor,
While my pals all live like King Tuts!

I guess it made my wife sore, no?
When I banged a chick in porno.
I explained, she’s a slut.
Baby, you’re Pizza Hutt.
And Stormy is just a Digiorno.