NEW Game of Thrones! Except Instead of the 7 Kingdoms, It’s the 16 Myers-Brigg’s Types

Just in time for your hedonistic orgy of binge-TV at the holidays! With House of the Dragon now on hiatus, the most anticipated return to Westeros is this total reboot — a nod to fans disappointed by the lackluster finish of the original series.

Using the proven science of personality, a “kingdom reorganization plan” reallocates our favorite players into highly productive, autonomous units. Alliances are based on each character’s Jungian temperament, not on antiquated notions of bloodline or geography. A literal game-changer!

The Myers-Briggs framework also serves as a March Madness bracket of sorts. Fans can root for their types, the ruthless ascent of one learning style above all others. Which type will flay, synergize, screw, betray, and time-manage its way to the Iron Throne? Which will be downsized via decapitation? Who will demonstrate flexibility and “bend the knee?”


Reboot Cheat Sheet! Behold the new normal. Everything to know.


House ISTJ

“Charge D’affaires”

Expect respectful exchanges about the best ways to urge everyone to be reasonable, as well as expedient follow-up with executions. Brienne of Tarth, Jorah Mormont, Davos Seaworth, Catelynn Stark

House ISFJ

“The Saints”

For the sake of others, which one will sacrifice the chance to sacrifice himself for the sake of the others? Hodor, Jon Snow, The dragons, Ned Stark, Poderick


House INFJ

“Navel Gazers”

With elite training from the school of hard knocks, this wise crew tests the idea that “knowledge is power.” They’ll pursue principled ambitions come what may, even if parts of themselves must be streamlined in the process. Theon Greyjoy, Missandei (the interpreter), Red Viper

House INTJ

“Free Agents”

These healthy skeptics are lone wolves, not pack animals. With a low tolerance for domestic confinement, expect spirited indifference about who made this mess and who humped their sister. The Direwolves, Jaime Lannister


House ISTP

“The Pragmatists”

Unpretentious; Cool and collected, ready for whatever happens — although may not notice anything has happened. Sansa Stark, The Hound, Gilly

House ISFP

“The Artists”

Whether engaged in blacksmithing, black magic or enchanting sass, these sensitive combatants disarm enemies, often with age-defying hotness. Gendry, Red Woman, Lady Olenna Tyrell

House INFP

“The Idealists”

With a deep desire to achieve inner-order, the Idealist taps into strict personal values to strive toward a better society. Excels at long-term projects. Sam Tarly, Robb Stark, The Night King

House INTP

”The Thinkers”

These thought leaders challenge others to keep up with them, especially the audience. Expect inscrutable tension over who’s in charge of brainstorming sessions. Bran Stark, Lord Varys, Children of the Forest

House ESTP

“The Ultimate Realist”

These gregarious fun-lovers are unconventional and spontaneous. They thrive in dynamic work environments, craving tangible, immediate results. Wildlings, White Walkers, Joffrey Lannister

House ESFP

“The Quip Master”

A performer extraordinaire, this one-man show can cut red tape and juggle projects. Whether inspiring an army of sex workers or a pack of starved dogs, being tuned into others’ emotions yields powerful results. Tyrion Lannister, Ramsay Bolton

House ENFP

“Life of the Party”

This dedicated teammate excels at working within large organizations. This type is “all-in,” whether it means making a passionate last stand or resurrecting a corpse. Grey Worm, The giants, Qyburn (Cersei’s mad scientist)

House ENTP

“Tester of Limits”

A self-contained debate club, this type can be forceful on either side of any argument. These contenders thrive on brinksmanship. The Faceless Man, Bronn, The Mountain, The Night’s Watch


House ESTJ

“The Director”

Expect total commitment — treating every project as a deep dive. Opinionated and uncompromising, these results-getters prize order and structure. Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, The Shame Nun

House ESFJ

“The Provider”

With detail-oriented visions for the future, these champions can navigate any climate or obstacle. Adept at reading others, they’re apt to offer an assist and anticipate risks on the horizon. They always deliver. Khal Drogo, The Unsullied, Three-eyed Raven

House ENFJ


Able to ignore the unpleasant in people, this charismatic do-er sees possibility everywhere. Littlefinger, Margaery Tyrell, The Lord of Light

House ENTJ

“Field Marshall”

These take-charge types have little tolerance for incompetency. They have the ability to command attention in any room. Cersei Lannister, The High Sparrow, Lyanna Mormont , (10-year-old leader of Bear Island), The Winter


The bottom line? 

If characters understand their own preferences, they can approach specific tasks — such as surreptitious poisonings — in ways that align with their styles. Moreover, when someone’s job involves conquering, an awareness of temperament can offer enemies what they need in order to be subjugated, especially in terms of how they prefer to interact during the process of being slain.

GOT-MB16This time, it’s personal!