HBO’s List of Totally Original, Not At All Adapted New Sitcoms

Everybody Loves Rhaegar

Starks and Rec

The Big Bang Theon

Sex And The Citadel

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Arryn

Castle Black-ish

Murphy Bronn

Saved By Tyrell

One Shae At A Time

Laverne & Cersei

Mr. Ned

Home Imp-rovement

That 70’s Snow

The Walder Years

The Mindy Podrick

Growing Paynes

Night King Of Queens

How I Met Your Mother Of Dragons

It’s Targaryen Shandling’s Show

My Name Is Orell

Clarissa Explains The Wall

Mad About Eunuch

30 Casterly Rock


Two and a Half Gendry

Three Eyes, A Girl and a Pizza Place

Maester, Maester

Gillygan’s Island

Khal In The Family

Arya-sted Development

Grace Under Fire And Ice

I Dream Of Joffrey

That’s So Raven