Other Times That Billy Bush’s Shenanigans Have Landed Him in Hot Water

Forget about Trump! What about that little scoundrel, Billy Bush?
His comments and egging on of Trump was just the “tit of the ice-burg” (his words, not ours; something referring to Kim Kardashian’s mom, from what we understand).


Offered to help Bill Cosby whip up a batch of pre-date moonshine.

Thought it would be a funny prank to steal the condoms from Charlie Sheen’s night-stand.

Said to Chris Brown on many occasions, “You know, I wouldn’t let a woman talk to me like that.”

Convinced Subway Jared of the personal fulfillment brought about by working with young people.

Advised Lindsay Lohan, “Don’t waste your youth, live it up, have a good time! Your movie career and your audience will still be there for you when you get back.”

Gave all of his frequent flyer miles to Roman Polanski.

Mocked Anthony Weiner’s flip-phone in public, shaming the congressman into feeling that he had no choice but to purchase an iPhone.

Overcome with concern, phoned his pal Tom Brady to mention that his footballs “seemed a bit too full of air”, and that he was “afraid that they might pop suddenly and startle him”.