Quiz: Trump Pardon/Not A Trump Pardon

1. Boris and Natasha (Espionage, Attempted kidnapping of Moose and Squirrel)

2. Charles Manson (Cult Leader)

3. Susan B Anthony (Resisting Arrest)

4. Yogi Bear (Theft of Picnic Baskets)

5. Michael Miliken (Securities Fraud)

6. Roger Stone (RussiaGate)

7. Bill Buckner (Baseball Error Against NY Mets)

8. Michael Flynn ( Lying to FBI)

9. Sylvester the Cat (Attempted Murder of Tweety Bird for Snack)

10. Dinesh D’sousa (Election Fraud)

11. Sheriff Joe (Contempt of Court)

12. Dr. No (Bond Villain, Attempted Overthrow of the World)

13. Tanya Harding (Knee Capping Nancy Kerrigan)

14. Jack Johnson (The Mann Act)

15. Boo Boo Bear (Aide and Accomplice to Yogi Bear)

16. Wile E Coyote (Attempted Assassination of the Roadrunner)

17. Rudy Giuliani (Not Yet)

18. Thanksgiving Turkey (Delicious)

Pardon : 3,5,6,8,10, 11,14, 18
Not a pardon : 1,2,4,7,9,12,13,15,16, 17


by Paul Lander

Paul Lander

Paul Lander is not sure which he is proudest of — winning the Noble Peace Prize or sending, Congolese gynecologist, Dr. Denis Mukwege to accept it on his behalf, bringing to light the plight of African women in war torn countries. In his non-daydreaming hours, Paul has written for Weekly Humorist, National Lampoon, American Bystander, Huff Post Comedy, McSweeney’s, Bombeck Writers Workshop Blog, Humor Times, written and/or produced for multiple TV shows and written standup material that’s been performed on Maher, The Daily Show, Colbert, Kimmel, etc. Now, on to Paul’s time-commanding Special Forces in Khandahar…