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You Don’t Actually Understand Gaslighting

You keep trying to explain gaslighting to me and I’m starting to think you don’t even know what it means.

I can understand how you would get confused. “Gaslighting” gets thrown around so much these days that it can feel like it’s lost all meaning. But it is pretty strange that you keep saying you know what it means when everybody else disagrees with you. Literally everyone. I asked all of them.

You know how you keep saying gaslighting is some fancy psychology word? Well you’re totally wrong. Like so embarrassingly wrong. We all feel bad for you really, that’s how wrong you are. Gaslighting is actually a new word that I made up today. I haven’t even thought of a definition for it yet, just the word, so it’s even weirder that you think you know what it means. You’re actually acting kind of crazy.

So much of what you’re saying is total nonsense. Like how you said “gaslighting” comes from some old movie. That couldn’t be true. I created the word and I’ve never even seen a movie, much less an old one. Sure, we watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa together last week, but I kept my eyes closed the entire time. You just didn’t notice because you’re so obsessed with yourself.

Honestly I feel like you’re just trying to confuse me at this point. Obviously you’re pretending that you know what gaslighting means to make it seem like you’re smarter than me. You’ve never even brought the word up before and now you have a PhD in gaslighting studies. Your memory has always been terrible anyways. I bet I was the one who explained gaslighting to you in the first place and you forgot all about it.

This whole thing is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. You don’t even realize how controlling and manipulative you can be. Listen to the way you’re controlling this conversation right now. I can barely get a word in. Everyone agrees with me.

Oh did you hear that?! That guy on the news just said there was a report about gaslighting on earlier today that proves you’re wrong. Well yeah the news isn’t on now, but it was a few seconds ago before you looked. I just turned it off really fast. You didn’t hear anything because I was reading the subtitles and I didn’t break eye contact because I was using my peripheral vision. I have incredibly good peripheral vision. We talk about how good it is all the time. It’s not my fault you forgot. Why do you have so much trouble trusting people? I feel like you don’t respect me at all.

Would you look at that! The ghost of Mr. Gaslighting, the man who gave me the inspiration to create the word, just appeared and said you’re wrong. I don’t care if you can’t see him, I can, and so can everybody else. It’s actually really weird that you can’t see him. I bet you’re lying to make me look crazy. That’s how manipulative you are. I’m sorry my friend is being so disrespectful, Mr. Gaslighting. Thank you for your time, you can go back to heaven now.

Remember when you admitted you don’t actually understand gaslighting? I remember that. Everybody else remembers that. You just admitted to it a few minutes ago. How could you not remember that?

I don’t think I have the patience to explain it again, we’ve already been through this like six times. Gaslighting is really easy to understand but at this point you just aren’t going to get it. You should give up and trust me. Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.