Sports Illustrated: The Lesser Known Specialty Issues

Sure, you know the “Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition”. But do you know some of their lesser-known specialty issues?

The Dimly Lit Highway Edition
These roads got curves you’ve never seen.

The Exclusive Film Screening Edition
This M. Night Shamylan movie’s got curves you’ve never seen!

The 4:30 Issue
This British high tea’s got one lump or two, dealer’s choice!

Home Decorating Edition
Turns out the carpet does match the drapes. 
Both are paisley.

Stolen Rembrandts Edition
Can you tell the real ones apart from the fakies?

The “Good Armchair, Bad Dog” Edition
Who cares who’s watching? Just keep humpin’.

The “You’ve Got A Little Schmutz There” Edition
Nothing makes you rub one off like this issue!

The Mafioso Edition
We take that back.

“Tribal-Bushman-Meets-NBA” Edition
Nothin’ dunks like Ba Dunga dunks!

Hot Topics Edition
So many hot tees!

The Rudolph Edition
You’ll really want to play with yourself.

Huff Po Editorial Edition
It’s cover to cover hot takes!

The Ceramic-Bowl-Microwave Edition
It’s too hot to handle!

The Swim Shirt Edition
Whatever, we’re swimming, ok, mom?