Santa’s Most Surprisingly Requested Gifts


This handy gadget is on the list of every tech nut!   A quick swipe tells if the person next to you is a member of QAnon.    A great way to begin work on next year’s naughty list.

TesTickle Me Elmo

The perfect gift for that someone who has always been curious about what it would be like to teabag a member of the Sesame Street gang.


A bouquet of delicious stew!    For the person on your list who is impossible to shop for, and also loves stew.

Naked Lady Novelty Air Sickness Bags (pack of 12)

Remember those drinking glasses that, once filled with cool liquid, would remove the clothing from the photo of the attractive lady on the side of the glass?    This is essentially the same thing, but instead a vomit bag that performs the same trick when filled with warm liquid.   A great stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life!

This Is Not A Vibrator!  Personal Massager

Comes packaged in a container with “This Is Not A Vibrator!” printed in bold type to let the others celebrating the holiday with you know that, in no uncertain terms, this personal massager is definitely not going to be used as a mechanical penis.