I'm the Republican Who's Going to Beat Donald Trump and- Oh No I Just Shit My Pants

This country desperately needs Trumpism without Trump. And I am not Trump. No, I'm- shitting my pants again! Oh no! Hnnnn! Hnnnnnnnnnnnn! Ew, my pants are full of shit! Why is this happening? I'm just trying to say and do everything Donald Trump would while looking and sounding more Presidential! Hhhnn! Oh God I'm shitting more- Hhhhhhhnnnnnnn! The shit's coming out of the bottom of my pants now!

Backstage At The Biden / Trump Presidential Debate

Minutes before the debate, Trump desperately attempting to purchase the answers to moderator Chris Wallace's debate questions. Karen Pence giving a sternly worded lecture about eye contact to Kamala Harris. And more!

CARTOON: Biden's Debate Preparation

Don't get creamed! Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

My Name is Elizabeth Warren, and I Have a Plan to Destroy All of Them

Amy Klobuchar – Amy is smart, strong, and a real contender, which is why I look forward to our dance-off. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have the wiry energy of a coked-up greyhound and I will END her. 

The Democratic Candidates Ate The Plums That Were In The Icebox 

Warren, “Yes, I ate every single plum. And yes, I knew that you wanted to eat them for lunch. But hey, I’m human, and probably the first woman to eat them. I don’t expect you to forgive me, but what if I told you that I’ve got a plan to replenish them? What if I told you that eating them was a part of my plan all along?” 

The Road To A Tom Steyer Presidency

STEP 11 -- America impeaches, in this order, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Grassley, Mike Pompeo, and, for good measure, the next 9 people in line for presidential succession.

Blistering Democratic Presidential Debate Clapbacks

"And we'd also like to thank Senator Sanders for being a champ and staying up past eight in order to attend these debates."

CARTOON: Debatable

Debatable demo. Today's cartoon by Kit Lively and David DeGrand.

Surprise Guests of the 3rd 2016 Presidential Debate!

Today's CNN report cited the guests invited to tonight debate…

Questions Rejected From Being Used During The Clinton / Trump Debate

  "Senator Clinton, is it true that ISIS unfriended you…