CARTOON: Privacy Pixels

Time to order more pizza, tissues, and ice cream? Today's cartoon by Rachelle Meyer.

It’s a Wonderful Life: iPhone Reboot

Black and white? 130 Minutes? Attend the five-minute tale of George Bailey’s very 21st century-style, collusion-filled downfall and redemption, with Siri at his side.


Refresh! Refresh! Reset. Today's cartoon by Lila Ash.

What to Do When Your Phone Dies on the Train

Whisper “Siri please” into the rigid husk in your palm.


We really phoned it in and had a lot of fun with this week's…

CARTOON: Social Emergency

Be prepared for A REAL Emergency. Today's cartoon by Jordan Peterson.

New iPhone Features That NO ONE Wanted

Blood analysis port that tests you for STDs, and then loudly announces the results every five minutes until the battery runs out...and more.

Now Available In The App Store!

Areola Cola Amazing app that takes plain old breast milk and…

New Apps for People Who Suffer From Time Mismanagement, Which Other People Shouldn’t Find So Problematic

Apologize Now - Are the apologies you give for your constant…

The Really Serious Problems With Sex Robots

1) They're oftentimes yell out Sarah Conner's name during intercourse.   2) …

A Conversation Between Two Butts Who Just Butt-Dialed Each Other

1: Hi. I think you butt dialed me. 2: No, I saw…

Recent Cases of iPhone Damage in the Current Political Environment

Repair Ticket #2948528 Phone smashed against wall after aunt…