The Really Serious Problems With Sex Robots

1) They’re oftentimes yell out Sarah Conner’s name during intercourse.


2)  It’s really uncomfortable, even inadvisable, to have sex in the shower (see also, “The Really Serious Problems With Having Sex With Other Humans”).


3)  The clitoris ridiculously close to the self-destruct button.


4)  After several years of ownership, bug in operating system causes fellatio to disappear from the options menu.


5)  Even if your order one of the headless models, they can still sometimes get a headache.


6)  If you think rectal thermometers are cold, just wait until you experience the index finger of a typical sex robot.


7)  As advanced as they can be, are essentially emotionless and dead inside; not entirely dissimilar from your exes, so possibly a moot point.


8)  When robots ultimately take over the world, will use the bits of your DNA clogging it’s insides to create an army of evil cyborg clones in your image.


9)   Cuddle function oftentimes infected with a flatulence virus.


But The Really Great Thing About Sex Robots…


1) With a few tweaks, any unwanted pregnancy can be modified into a brand new iPhone.