The Cartoon Pad w/ guests Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield

You asked for it, you got it: Two Aussies who have to both be stand-ups, both work for The New Yorker, and both have a new book coming out…humorists Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield. Pick up the hilarious book, "You're Not A Real Parent Until..." today! More info at

Talkward w/ guest Mike Reiss

This episode of Talkward welcomes Emmy® award winning humor writer and longtime executive producer of 'The Simpsons' Mike Reiss! His new book 'Santa's Brother Sandy Saves Christmas' is out now and his travel podcast "What Am I Doing Here?" is wherever you get your pods!

Talkward w/ guest Sean Conroy

This episode of Talkward comedy writer, teacher, actor, UCB improv, standup comedy performer and all around nice person Sean Conroy chats about his comedy career in stage, TV and podcasting. From networks like Adult Swim,Comedy Central, Seeso, MTV, Spike TV, UPN, NBC and ABC. He was Head Writer and Executive Producer on the amazingly funny shows Mr. Pickles and Gentlemen Lobsters. Listen to his weekly podcast The Long Shot. Visit

Talkward w/ guests Aaron Augenblick & Katie Wendt

Comedy animation creators Aaron Augenblick and Katie Wendt discuss the wonderfully funny and smart new show 'City Island' on PBSKids. Augenblick Studios has been a trailblazing studio in the world of adult animation with hits like Ugly Americans, The Jellies, Wonder Showzen, Superjail, Death Hacks, and Shorties Watching Shorties- now through the new Future Brain Media, they are making waves in the world of kids animation! Watch 'City Island' at and see all the projects at

Talkward w/ guest Kate Herzlin

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer Kate Herzlin! Kate, along with co-authors Allison Kelley, Danielle Kraese, and Ysabel Yates wrote the new book, Jokes to Offend Men, which is a cutting, cathartic spin on the old-fashioned joke book. It's refreshingly hilarious, go grab a copy! Follow her @kateherzlin and check out the book

The Official Dinner Party Podcast w/ guest Chris Monks

For our Season 1 Finale, Gary and Ross are joined by McSweeney's editor (and #WelcomeToTheJerkFolder curator) Chris Monks.

The Official Dream Dinner Party Podcast w/ guest Kimberly Harrington

Gary and Ross are joined by author Kimberly Harrington, who describes her dream dinner party (or, more likely, cocktail party) at an abandoned mansion somewhere in Vermont.

TRANSCRIPT: The Official Country Crock Podcast w/ guest The Grinch

The Official Country Crock Podcast, which typically limits it's topics of discussion to their line of buttery spreads, for unknown reasons spent a recent portion of their show interviewing The Grinch.  Below is the transcript of that talk.

Talkward w/ guest Amy Fusselman

This episode of Talkward welcomes Amy Fusselman, author of the new novel 'The Means' which follows the character Shelly Means and her hilarious quest to own a beach house in the Hamptons. Shipping containers, talking dogs, anger management classes, and vision boards make up this very funny book. Follow her @amyfusselman and

The Official Dream Dinner Party Podcast w/ guest Sara K. Runnels

Gary and Ross talk with New Yorker and McSweeney's writer Sara K Runnels about why she would invite the two most important people in human history (plus some other guy) to her dinner party.

Talkward w/ guest Gary Almeter

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writer and author Gary Almeter! Gary's new humor book 'The Official Dream Dinner Party Handbook' explores the question: If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who do you pick? How do you choose? And how can it all go terribly wrong? It's very funny and you should buy it right now!

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Chris Weyant

The new National Cartoonist Society’s Gag Cartoonist of the Year recipient, Chris Weyant, pays the boys a visit on the Cartoon Pad, which at the top of the show promised to be better.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Mick Stevens

Mick Stevens is one of the best gag cartoonists of our generation and he discusses his process and his body of work on this special episode of The Cartoon Pad.

Thank You For Listening To Our Podcast!

And of course, Kate, we have to thank our fans. As two born-and-raised Californians, we couldn’t insert ourselves into Keystone local politics, sift through heaps of data you have no way of knowing were gathered accurately or ethically, and break it all down for you in-between absolutely incessant bickering week after week without listenership analytics that keep our production company happy.

Talkward w/ guest Craig Thomas

This episode features the very talented comedy writer and TV producer Craig Thomas! Craig is the co-creator, executive producer, and writer of “How I Met Your Mother,” which received 30 Emmy Award nominations in its nine-season run. Before that he wrote for 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and 'American Dad!'. Craig is also an accomplished musician and songwriter! Most recently his prose has been published in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Weekly Humorist and soon, The Iowa Review. Follow him on twitter at @HIMYMCraig

Talkward w/ guest AJ DiCosimo

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and performer AJ 'Sweet Pea' DiCosimo. AJ has been published many times in The New Yorker, as well as Weekly Humorist and he even snuck into being a writer for MAD. Have you ever heard a story from a guy who covers his naked body in shaving cream and plays Tom Petty songs? You will. He's a punk rock comedy guy from Cleveland, whose day jobs have given him the perspective that lead him to the more silly, absurdist side of humor.

My Favorite Genre Is True Crime, Which I Consume With the Utmost Reverence

I’m also dismayed by how often producers use their platform to glamorize perpetrators. Just the other day, a new series about a serial killer went on gushing about the subject’s charm, good looks, and success in his chosen field of murder. To counteract this, I try to humanize the victims of these senseless yet nonetheless very fascinating crimes. I’ll ask myself questions like, did they have any hopes and dreams of their own? Say, to become a teacher, or a veterinarian, or perhaps someone that did not get murdered?

Monopoly for Millennials: The Updated Rulebook

Preparation: Each player chooses one token to represent themself while traveling around the board. Tokens include: Oat Milk, iPhone with Cracked Screen, Weed Gummy Bear, Podcast Microphone, Ill-Fitting Bridesmaid Dress (must replace after each use), Zoloft Tablet, Laughing Crying Face Emoji, Thimble - Each player starts with $1,500, but some players must give the Banker $100 every 10 minutes, in an effort to pay off their student debt. 

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Dan Misdea

This episode on The Cartoon Pad is cartoonist, illustrator and book maker Dan Misdea! His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Air Mail, Narrative, Reader’s Digest, Weekly Humorist, and The Funny Times. He has a new children’s book coming out next year with Penguin, the big publisher not the flightless bird. See his work at

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Bill Bramhall

Special episode of The Cartoon Pad for anyone inspiring to be an editorial cartoonist. Award-winning editorial cartoonist Bill Bramhall of The New York Daily News shares his insight into his craft.

Talkward w/ guest Brian Boone

This episode welcomes humor writer and prolific author Brian Boone. We discuss his career writing trivia, joke books, his truly epic failure on 'Jeopardy', and his new book "How To Be An Old Person- Everything To Know For The Newly Old, Retiring, Elderly, Or Considering' Pick it up today!

Talkward w/ guest Haley McGee

This episode's guest is author and comedy performer Haley McGee! We have a wonderful chat about dating and the value of the gifts from an ex. Her new book, 'The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale' is out now. Check it out!

The Cartoon Pad Live Show

The pad goes LIVE to answer cartoon questions. Bob discusses cartoon tropes and Shaw balances a cat on his neck. You won't want to miss this one.

Talkward w/ guest Jen Spyra

This episode welcomes the very funny comedy writer, author, and voice over artist Jen Spyra! We chat all about her time writing at The Onion, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she is also the announcer! Her new book 'Big Time' is out now from Penguin Random House. It's SO FUNNY! Buy it today!

Introducing The North Pole Podcast Network

The Ben Shapiro & Grinch Show: Are you tired of all of Cindy Lou Who’s liberal propaganda? Is the Whoville lame-stream media trying to force its socialist ideas down your throat? Sick of Mayor Augustus May Who and the other sheeple in power telling you how to run your herd?

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Shannon Wheeler

This episode on The Cartoon Pad the guys welcome Too Much Coffee Man, Shannon Wheeler to share his colorful stories of his career- creating legendary underground comics, operas, books, and loads more! Pick up some of his work at

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Michael Maslin

One of the most prolific cartoonists in the New Yorker, Michael Maslin comes on the show to chew the fat about everything cartoon-eccentric from Peter Arno to his own cartooning today. Topics range from James Thurber to Charles Addams to stacking wood. Must Listen to Cartoon Pad!

CARTOON: Witched Guest

podCAST a spell? Today's cartoon by Jeremy Nguyen.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Peter Kuper

One of the most prolific and decorated in cartooning, Peter Kuper, hangs out at the Cartoon Pad to explain why he is so driven and so dog-gone politically charged. Check out all of his books, see his work, and upcoming events at

Talkward w/ guest Keith James

This episode of Talkward chats with the very funny Keith James. Keith is a comedy performer and writer who has a new comedy, sci-fi, erotic, adventure book out now entitled 'Greg Maxwell's Inferno'. We discuss his humor journey and doing improv comedy for a soon-to-be-FBI-raided health spa where he had to do breakdance fighting live on-stage against a child. Follow Keith @k3ithJam3s and listen to his podcast Gus Biblowitz, Basketball Legend.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Ron Marz

This episode of The Cartoon Pad we chat with comic book writing icon Ron Marz! He's truly a master of comic multi-universes, well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens.

The Cartoon Pad w/ mini podcast discussion: Cartoon Caption Contest

BONUS CONTENT: A Cartoon Pad mini podcast recording drama queen co-host Bob Eckstein’s dismay at co-host Michael Shaw’s appearance on the competing Cartoon Caption Contest podcast and why Michael can’t be interesting on HIS own podcast.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Matt Diffee

Today’s episode the Cartoon Pad answers the question, where in the world is Matt Diffee? The beloved speaker, writer, cartoonist and The Rejection Collection editor, Matt Diffee shares what he's been up to on this special 100th Anniversary Episode (if you don’t count the other 90 episodes we still need to tape.).

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Jessica Ziegler

This very special episode The Cartoon Pad talks to Jessica Ziegler, the Marketing Director of the CartoonStock and daughter of cartoon great Jack Ziegler. The talk veers away from cartooning to the Pixies, the Beatles and running Michael over in a Volkswagen.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Sam Gross

The Cartoon Pad welcomes cartoon great Sam Gross. Do not listen and operate heavy machinery during this one. Must-hear life lessons from the Great One.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Mort Gerberg

The great Mort Gerberg drops by and talks about his decorated career as a writer, illustrator and cartoonist and shares how he celebrated his 90th birthday skiing in a blizzard. A great episode as there is very little Bob or Michael included in this one.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Jason Chatfield

This week cartoonist, illustrator, stand-up and actor Jason Chatfield talks about starting out in the outback of Australia to become a star on TV and in the cartoon community, becoming the youngest ever President of the National Cartoonists’ Society, getting Covid and his cool Chis Rock story. To see Jason's work and books go to

Talkward w/ guests Kit Lively & David DeGrand

This episode of Talkward welcomes cartoon comedy duo Kit Lively and David DeGrand. They have a new book out called 'Twisted Tongues: Jokes, Comics, Facts, and Tongue Twisters' We discuss their years working together for MAD Magazine and David's recent gig designing the animated show 'Death Hacks'.

The Cartoon Pad w/ guest Sam Viviano

This week the Cartoon Pad talks with the one and only Sam Viviano of MAD magazine fame and misfortune. We delve into Sam’s start, his acclaimed career and his take on MAD’s end.

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is comic and producer Brittany Brave! She has a great new web series coming out and a weekly Friday stand-up show that's virtual, so you can enjoy it in your underwear! See all her upcoming events at

Talkward w/ guest Emily Flake

Today on Talkward is cartoonist, comedy writer, and performer Emily Flake! Emily draws wonderful cartoons for The New Yorker, The New York Times and has many books and comics strips. Her latest project is over at kickstarter and needs your support! St. Nell's Humor Writing Residency for Ladies! Go check it out right now!

Talkward w/ guests Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw

This episode of Talkward welcomes the non-stop comedy cartoon duo Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw! The both are long-time famous cartoonists and writers who have been featured in The New Yorker, New York Times, among many others. They have a new book out, THE ELEMENTS OF STRESS and the Pursuit of Happy-ish in this Current Sh*tstorm! It aims to help de-stress our currently very stressful world. It's very funny, and guaranteed to relax you, even if you have to roll it up and smoke it.

Talkward w/ guest Jason Chatfield

This episode of Talkward welcomes back cartoonist, stand-up comic, and actor Jason Chatfield! Jason is the president of The National Cartoonists Society, and a contributor in The New Yorker. We discuss cartooning, Tom Richmond, Mort Drucker, Jason's drawing diary during his bout with Covid-19 and even the 'Murder, She Wrote' episode that uses The Reuben Award as a murder weapon!

Talkward w/ guest James Folta

This spooky Halloween episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and performer James Folta! James writes for The New Yorker, McSweeney's , Weekly Humorist and is the Managing Editor of Points In Case. James also is a co-founder of The Satire and Humor Festival which is in NYC in March but just announced a pop-up weekend in Chicago in November! Check it out here and go! We discuss Halloween costumes, writing, book publishing and James' current projects in writing and pitching new narrative humor podcasts.  Also, who knew how bad at math we both are! Jokes! James also teaches humor and parody. Follow him on twitter @JamesFolta and we'll see you at the festival!

All the Made-Up Words Walt Whitman Didn’t Get To: Manahatta was just the beginning

Lakshminskeep (When you see the face of an NPR host and it is not what you imagined in your head) and more.

Yes, I Kidnapped You, But It’s Only Until My True Crime Podcast Takes Off

Prime Crime Time with Ryan Blime is the show I’ve dreamed of making ever since I legally changed my last name for the title. But I couldn't find a true crime story riveting enough...

Talkward w/ guest Jeffrey Gurian

This episode of Talkward welcomes NYC comedy legend, Jeffrey Gurian. If you don't know Jeffrey, then you aren't a NY comedy person, so get in the know! He's written, performed, produced comedy with so many huge names like Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Amy Poehler, and Seth Rogen. Learn all about him and his new book!

Talkward w/ guest Claire Parker

Today on Talkward is the lovely and funny Claire Parker! Claire is an NYC based stand-up comic, actress and frequent guest on You Up w/ Nikki Glaser on Sirius/XM Comedy Central Radio.

Talkward w/ guest Mia Mercado

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and delightful Midwesterner Mia Mercado! Mia writes regularly for The New Yorker, McSweeney's, The Belladonna and Weekly Humorist. During our chat she reveals an exclusive announcement about her new book deal, her writing process habits - one of which includes being in a cafe, wearing headphones, listening to ambient sounds of...a cafe and more!

Talkward w/ guest Courtney Kocak

Today on Talkward is comedy writer and super star sex and dating podcast host Courtney Kocak! Courtney hosts the 'Reality Bytes' podcast- tune in every week for real talk about sex, love, relationships & dating in the digital age. We discuss having your gentiles molded in custom sex toys, her new experiences in standup comedy and being a writer for Amazon's Danger & Eggs!

Talkward w/ guest Jeff Kreisler

Today on Talkward is author, comedy writer, behavior expert and…

Talkward w/ guest Brooke Preston

Today on Talkward is super special guest Brooke Preston! Brooke is a comedy writer, author and co-founder of the satire comedy website The Belladonna! Her new book ‘New Erotica For Feminists: Satirical Fantasies of Love, Lust & Equal Pay’ is in bookstores now! We learn all about Brookes early years working at Planet Hollywood in Times Square in NYC, her comedy influences and when she got to walk Justin Timberlake to the men’s room.

Talkward w/ guest Kerryn Feehan

Today on Talkward is guest Kerryn Feehan! Kerryn is a comedian, writer, actor, model and comedy development extraordinaire! She produces and hosts a long running monthly show called Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! (It's first Sundays of the month! Get tickets here) Kerryn has many, many cringeworthy stories.

Talkward w/ guest Bob Eckstein

Today on Talkward is our first repeat guest, New York Times bestselling author, award winning cartoonist and snowman expert Bob Eckstein! Bob's new book The Illustrated History of the Snowman is out now! We discuss Steampunk's rise in the 1980s, the ongoing holiday decorations feud with his neighbor and making squirrels dance for his pleasure. Oh, and we happen upon the topic of snowman pornography!

Talkward w/ guest Jason Kanter

Today on Talkward is comedian Jason Kanter! Jason performs all over the USA and also gets TV acting roles where he's been pigeon-holed as a skinhead more often then not.

Talkward w/ guest Lillian Stone

Today on Talkward is guest Lillian Stone! Lillian is a comedy…

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is guest Brittany Brave! Brittany is a stand-up…

Talkward w/ guest Tom McCaffrey

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and standup comic Tom McCaffrey! Tom has been on Comedy Central, Hulu and has a movie 'Adventures In Comedy' available on Amazon!

Talkward w/ guest Ginny Hogan

Today on Talkward is comedy writer and stand-up comic Ginny Hogan!…

Talkward w/ guest Carrie Wittmer

This episode of Talkward welcomes guest Carrie Wittmer! Carrie…

Talkward w/ guest Jonathan Zeller

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writer and performer…

Talkward w/ guest Jon Daly

This episode of Talkward has comedy writer Jon Daly. No, not…

Talkward w/ guest Adam Mamawala

This episode of Talkward welcomes comic Adam Mamawala! His new…

Talkward w/guest Andrew Collin

This episode of Talkward welcomes guest Andrew Collin! Andrew…

Talkward w/ guest Keenan Steiner

This episode on Talkward guest Keenan Steiner discusses comedy,…

Talkward w/ guest Bridget Fitzgerald

In this episode of Talkward, actress, comedian, and model…